Blasting Chamber

Our Make-To-Order Blasting Chambers take into account our client’s Needs and Budgets, range from Small-to-Large chambers which have been time-tested and well-received in leading Shipyards around the world.

Blasting Chambers are designed to contain Blasting activities to a confined area where dust is collected and disposed off in an environmental responsible manner, as opposed to Open Blasting which generates Pollution.

Advanced Blasting Chambers allow users to effectively:

  • Control Pollution via Heavy Duty Built-In Dust Collectors within a contained environment.
  • Facilitate Continuous Blasting via Built-In Abrasive Recovery Systems to Turnover Blasting Products at a faster rate
  • Produce Consistent Blasting Standards and Profile with the use of Steel Abrasives, enhanced via the Built-In Abrasive Cleaning and Filtration System
  • Produce High Quality Blasting Standards via Built-In Dehumidifying Systems to prevent oxidation prior to Coating
  • Integrate Blasting and Painting Activities seamlessly within the chamber
  • Solve the Client’s Blasting-Painting Bottleneck Problem in the most Cost-efficient manner