Polymer Industrial Protective Coating

DefensTech International, Inc. USA holds the patent for “Coating and Method of Application for Strengthening Structures”. Their products have limitless industrial and defense applications with a product range that consists of:

  • Defend-X Industrial Coating: A proprietary polymer formulation that has limitless applications for environmental hardening over various substrates. Its anti-corrosion, structural strengthening and slip resistant. It is also used as primary and secondary containment for the refineries and manufacturing industries.
  • DefensCrete: For structural lightweight concrete wall panels (IBC code compliant).
  • DefenseFoam: For slab-jacking, void and cavity filling, lifting and stabilisation
  • DefensBlast: Ballistic polymers for blast mitigation, fragment and spill containment and lead mitigation
  • Life Saver Hard Armor: For personal ballistic protection, K9 Tactical gear & training and vehicle armour systems.