Marine Coating

The vapour blasting process uses water, blast media, mild cleaning agents, and air. These components are mixed into a slurry and propelled at high speed toward the surface of a metal part such as aluminium, brass and carbon steel.

The water component of the slurry provides a hydraulic cushioning effect to soften the media impact on the metal’s surface. Working together, they provide an alternative to somewhat time consuming process that peens the metal surface and leaves a bright lustrous clean substrate.

Greener Blast technology provides a top tier, job-site ready piece of blasting and coating removal equipment – Greener Blast Machine. Years of the job experience and testing allowed us to create a unit that performs at or above the level of “old school” dry blasting. It fits perfectly into any blasters tool box. The Greener Blast machine simply works!

The Greener Blast machine features:

  • 80-90% Less media consumption
  • Minimal dust
  • Minimal containment needed
  • Versatility of jobs
  • Ability to handle numerous blast materials
  • Portability