Climate Active Paint

ClimateActivePaint by SICC Gmbh is a coating designed for energy efficiency in buildings. Manufactured in Germany, it uses SICC’s patented thermo-ceramic membrane technology with endothermic properties to provide a broad range of applications suitable for indoors, outdoors and industrial projects. The technology is based on NASA’s Space Shuttle Thermal Protective System (TPS), which protects the space shuttle from atmospheric re-entry and from the extreme temperatures in space.

ClimateActive is a certified brand with proven endurance as a highly resistant, nontoxic and waterproof product. The product functions by supplying moisture-proofing and active dehumidification; cooling by reflection and evaporation; and drying by capillary water transfer. It has the ability to protect real estate, retaining elasticity in temperatures from -50°C to 120°C.

SICC produces ThermoActive, a roof coating that is ideal for warm climates due to its endothermic properties. For example, the adaptive membrane can produce cooling effects in summer by simultaneously reflecting sunlight and evaporating moisture. It is suitable for most surfaces, providing you with a cost-effective solution with long-term benefits such as reducing indoor cooling costs, filling cracks to make the property look like new and minimising thermal stresses to extend the life of the roof. ThermoActive improves overall comfort while decreasing operational and maintenance costs.